Hi. I’m Seth Snel. I blog about web technology and how to apply it. I use these applications in my daily consultancy job. Currently, I’m employed by Rubicon Cloud Consultants. I regularly share my knowledge by giving presentations at Rubicon. On the side, I give a basic introductory course on ReactJS at The Compentance Factory.

As a hobby, I run a few side projects. For example, zaalvoetbalbazen is a small app that is used by my friends to keep track of members’ presence at indoor soccer. Verloskundige Spiekt is a website I built for my wife. She uses it to build a Wikipedia-like info site related to her profession as a midwife.

When I’m enjoying my free time, you can find me practicing sports, gaming and cooking. I firmly believe that taking an interest in cooking enhances the enjoyment of a good meal.